Treasures Post Hunters Poem

Inside each chest they'll always be,

The questions of what remains, that treasure hunters want to see!

Look no further, our friendly mates, Treasures Post has the answers for


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Pieces of Someone's Treasures

Things You've Often Wondered

Treasurer HuntersFAQ's & Answers

Treasures Post

  1. What are your hours?  We surely understand it's hard to get out during the week, so we look forward to seeing you mates on the weekends. We open Friday at 1PM, Saturday at 10AM Sunday at 1PM, closing our Post each day at 5PM.
  2. Do you have paint classes?  YES! Check out our events page for dates and times.
  3. Will you hold private classes or parties?  Absolutely! The options are virtually endless. Contact any of us to customize a private class for you and your mates, we generally we like to have at least mates 4 per class; however, don't fret, we'll work out all the details together making your party a special fun event.
  4. How much are your classes? That's a tough one! Each class is priced according to the complexity, supplies and nature of the instructions being taught. You'll have to check out our events tab to get more details on the particulars of the class.
  5. Do I have to know how to paint to sign up and attend? Absolutely not for most of our classes. We want everyone to experience the joys and ease of painting and using all the Dixie Belle Paint Company products.
  6. Do I have to supply anything when attending a class? Generally, that's a NO. We try to always supply everything you need to attend our classes. Of course if it's a BYOP (bring your own piece) class, personalized or unless otherwise outlined in the class description, you don't have to worry about a thing. 
  7. What are the requirements of your advanced classes? For our more advanced classes; like a BYOP, we may require that you have already attended one of our basic classes so everyone is in the same pirate boat and no one is left behind. We'll let you know in the descriptions if so on each event posted.
  8. What can I bring to a BYOP class? BYOP classes are usually designated as advanced. Each class will be outlined in the detail on the events page at the time of posting. You can find your answer there or just ask someone at the store, we'll be glad to go over what's a good item to bring.
  9. How many are in each class? That also depends on the type of class we're having, Such as a BYOP, we have a much more limited number of spaces available due to the sizing of the pieces people may bring.
  10. Do you still have that _____?  Well, maybe. Be sure to ask. We have to keep things moving around since we've only got a small post and chest to store everything in. 
  11. Where do you get those _____ from?  From sea to shining sea. We have lots of single or limited items we've looked long and hard for, scouring all sorts of places to please our mates looking for those precious trove of goodies they love. If you love it, better grab it before it's gone, there's lots of pirates out there searching just like you.
  12. Can you get more of these _____? Our items are usually rare and generally cannot be replaced. We have a small collection of gems that can be ordered over and over again but unfortunately can make no promises. 
  13. If I buy something today in the store, can I pick it up later?  Beginning in 2017, Treasures Post and Grapevine Decor Antiques and More... had to implement a new policy. Merchandise purchases MUST be picked up within 7 days. Items left over 7 days will be charged a storage fee per day for each day beginning on day 8 after purchase. After 30 days the items purchase will then again become the property of Grapevine Decor Antiques and More... and we will have all rights to them to be available for re-sale. As always, we're Sorry NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WE BE ISSUED! :-(
  14. How much is the storage fee?  Storage fees will begin on the 8th day after purchase at $3 per day. 
  15. What if my purchased piece is damaged?  It is the YOUR responsibility to examine your item(s) to ensure you are satisfied with the condition before the time of purchase. Grapevine Decor Antiques and More...,Treasures Post, Signopoly and Morning Flight Outfitters or any associates will not be responsible for damages obtained after item is purchased. You mates assume all risks by leaving your merchandise or treasures in the shop until pickup holding us harmless and not responsibility if it gets "hurt" before you take it out.
  16. Returns, Refunds or Exchanges?  Grapevine Decor Antiques and More...,Treasures Post, nor Signopoly has or does accept any item(s) for returns, refunds or exchanges. This has always been our policy. Some pieces in our store have been around a very long time and has a long history from it's past, shuffling from one place to another by the previous owner(s). Due to the nature of each piece we cannot offer any guarantees. Please check with each company to ensure if there is any changes in their individual policy, if you are unsure prior to purchasing an item. If any returns, exchanges or refunds are honored for any reason, it is at the sole discretion of each company on a case per case basis.
  17. Are there any guarantees or warranties on items purchased?  No. Due to the nature of the collection of items in our store, we cannot guarantee if any item(s) (such as something electrical) works or will continue to work after it leaves our store. For instance, if you purchase any item that is electrical we strongly suggest that you have a licensed electrician to verify it is OK to plug it in and use it. Because we are not certified in any capacity to make any reliable claims on the fitness or reliable for use on any such product, we will not be held responsible for anyone that has any loss or damage of any kind or any nature for any purchase(s) from our store. Since we cannot guarantee these items we cannot and do not have any warranty(ies), expressed, implied or otherwise. Please check with each company to ensure if there is any changes in their individual policy if you are unsure prior to purchasing an item. If any guarantees or warranties are honored by them for any reason, it is at the sole discretion of each company offering such, on a per case basis.
  18. Do you have online shopping? Why yes, beginning 2018 we do offer and have an online shopping venue. Each company offers different items they may ship or you may purchase for pickup. Check out our online shopping store at !
  19. Do you offer online shopping with store pickup? Yes, we want to offer the convenience to everyone since we only open for regular shopping on weekends. We certainly do so there is no reason you can't get what you want any day, it's like we're open 7 days a week. Place your order online before 3:30pm any day of the week and it will be available for pick up after 4:30pm that same day!